Professional Products @ Awesome Prices
Until recently, equipment for simulated altitude training has
been available only to elite athletes for $5000 or more. At
Higher Peak, our mission is to bring altitude training to athletes
at every level: amateur, college, professional, and enthusiast,
at a price thousands less than competitive systems.
Tell me how this is possible...

"Earlier today I was ready to shell out $5000. I found your
website and saved over $2000"  -- T.H., Ohio
A Quantum Leap in Athletic Performance
Simulated altitude training is used by athletes all over the world. A
proven, scientific method based on a simple principle: when your
body is exposed to low oxygen air, it responds by making new red
blood cells to increase oxygen delivery. More red blood cells
more speed, endurance, and power.

Listen to what our clients have to say:

"Fantastic! I improved my swim, bike, and run, and now I'm
topping my age group."
"I won the last 4 events I entered and couldn't have done it
without Higher Peak"
"Higher Peak gave me better service AND a better product"
"Here I am at age 36 and crushing all my PR's from my 20's!"
"At age 43, I ran a personal best of 4:03 in a road mile."
"Mark took the time to explain exactly what to do and how to
do it."
"I climbed Kilimanjaro with ease."
"My sustained 5 minute wattage is up 12%"
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High Altitude in your Home or Office
Using our Mountain Air Generators, you can create a high
altitude environment where you work, sleep, or exercise. Train
like the pros at high altitude -- without ever leaving home.