In a conventional altitude tent, you re-breathe the same
air over and over.  But with the Snowcap, the air is
completely exchanged every three minutes. This means
very little carbon dioxide buildup, so you can wake up
without the nagging headache and fatigue often
associated with altitude tents. Unlike a mask, there are
no tubes or elastics to get tangled up. You can get in
and out of bed without fumbling with zippers. Light and
easily transportable, the Snowcap is there only when you
want it; it is not the centerpiece of your bedroom. The
Snowcap accommodates every body size in cool comfort
and is suitable for any size bed, from Twin to King.

Our patent-pending air delivery system gently and
sliently distributes air from your Higher Peak altitude
generator, concentrating the hypoxic air right around
your pillow.  A thin canopy of advanced silnylon fabric
and vinyl contains the air, while providing complete
visibility and plenty of room for movement.
New! The Snowcap      
The easy, effective alternative to an altitude tent
Only $299
(not including air generator)
Snowcap Sleeping Canopy
Conventional Altitude Tent
Fits any bed
Fits queen-sized bed only
Installs instantly without moving
To install tent, you must put the mattress
into tent through the door of the tent
Full freedom of movement; simply lift
flap to enter or exit
To exit, you must find the zipper. In many
models, the entry is at foot of bed
Low carbon dioxide -- air exchanged
every three minutes (0.29%)
Carbon dioxide buildup -- stale air
remains one to two hours (0.46%)
Attains target altitude in 5 minutes
Takes several hours to attain target
Significantly less heat and humidity
inside the canopy, in addition, your body
is outside and stays cool
Uncomfortable build up of heat and
Simply lift off and set aside to make the
bed or change the sheets
Change sheets or make the bed
through the door of the tent
Remove instantly when you don't want it
Semi-permanent installation - you must
lift mattress out of tent to remove the tent
Small and unobtrusive
Dominates your bedroom
Introducing the Snowcap™, the most comfortable way to sleep while you adapt to altitude. The Snowcap concentrates low-oxygen
air right where you need it. Simply rest your head on your pillow, and you are instantly transported to your desired altitude. Powered
by the Higher Peak Mountain Air Generator, the Snowcap can adjust from sea level up to 16,000 feet (5000 meters). You save time
and energy because there is never any waiting for the Snowcap to “get to altitude”. Best of all, there is little buildup of heat and
humidity.  It’s so comfortable you may not even realize you are sleeping at altitude.

The Snowcap features a canopy with a weighted bottom edge that rests gently on your upper body and contains the low oxygen air.
Fresh hypoxic (low oxygen) air flows silently across your face and exits through small gaps around the edge of the canopy. The
airflow can be redirected for maximum comfort. Fits any size bed, and features a compact design, approx 2 ft x 3 ft x 2 ft (60 cm x 90
cm x 60 cm). Portable, comes with handy carrying case. About 12 pounds (5 kg). With one standard 7/8" (22 mm) air connection, the
Snowcap is compatible with many hypoxic air generators.
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The humidity inside the Higher Peak sleep canopy was 48% compared to 70% inside the Hypoxico
Deluxe Bed Tent and 64% in the Colorado Altitude Walk-in Tent.
The Australian Institute of Sport, 2013
The Higher Peak sleep canopy reached full altitude in less than 5 minutes, compared to 4.5 hours for the
CAT-315, 8 hours for the CAT-430, and 1.7 hours for the Hypoxico Deluxe Bed Tent.
The Australian Institute of Sport, 2013
The Snowcap creates a high altitude environment even though there are
small gaps around the edge of the canopy. Hypoxic air flows into the canopy
and pushes the room air out. Since the low oxygen air is flowing outward,
there is no opportunity for regular air to come in.

The air hose attaches to the frame of the Snowcap, which is constructed of
hollow tubes. It then flows through the tubing to the center where there is a
nozzle that releases the air near where your head is located.

If you lift the canopy during the night, either by getting up or just rolling over,
you will get a shot of outside air, but it will quickly be brought back to altitude
by the high rate of hypoxic air inflow.

If there is a power failure, air from the room can enter through the small gaps
around the edge of the canopy,
keeping you safe and preventing suffocation.
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