When you sleep at high altitude, your body responds by making more red blood cells.
More red blood cells give you greater speed and endurance. You will perform longer and
harder without feeling tired.

Sleeping 6-8 hours a day under our portable sleep canopy, you will get the benefits of
"sleep high, train low" and improve your performance in both sea-level and high-altitude
events. Scientific studies show that sleeping at high altitude (8,000 to 12,000 feet) over a 3-
4 week period improves performance
more than just working out at high altitude. Keep
your usual training program and sleep at high altitude, and your performance can improve
by 3-5%.

Higher Peak High Altitude Sleep System consists of:
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Package 3: High-Altitude Sleep System
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Professional High Altitude Sleep System only $2749
Improve Oxygen Delivery for Greater Speed and Endurance
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"Altitube" Air
Delivery Hose
Additional "Altitube" air delivery hose. Durable and crush-proof. Locate the
Mountain Air Generator almost anywhere in your home, and deliver hypoxic air to
your exercise area, bed, or work area up to 100 feet (30 meters) away. Each hose
section is 10 feet (3 m) in length. Inside diameter 7/8 inch (22mm).
per 10 foot section
Oxygen Analyzer
An oxygen analyzer confirms the concentration of oxygen you are breathing. It
comes in a compact, water resistant case, and includes a backlit screen for easy
reading in the dark.  The supplied sampling tube fits in-line with the MAG's air
delivery hose for direct measurement. A "must have" for altitude training!
Workout Mask
Breathing mask with comfortable face cushion for workouts and IHT.  Extra-large
inhalation and exhalation ports for easy breathing when exercising. One-way
valves on both inhalation and exhalation ports prevents breathing outside air.
Hard plastic; includes secure head strap with velcro fastening.
Suggested Accessories:
NEW!  Substitute a double-width
Snowcap for two people.
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