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Snowcap Sleeping
Introducing the Snowcap™, the most
comfortable way to sleep while you
adapt to altitude. The Snowcap
concentrates reduced-oxygen air right
over your pillow, where you need it.
Instead of having to put your mattress
inside a plastic tent, you rest your head
on your own pillow, and you are instantly
transported to your desired altitude.
There is never any waiting for the
Snowcap to “get to altitude”. Best of all,
there isn’t any buildup of heat and
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Double- Wide
Share the benefits of the Snowcap with
your sleeping partner. The double is just
like the Snowcap, but 50" inches wide
(1.25 m), compared to 30" wide for the
Snowcap. The perfect size for a
queen-sized bed, and suitable for two
persons. Has two air nozzles positioned
to concentrate reduced-oxygen air over
both sleepers. Also available as an
upgrade to the Sleep System and Total
Altitude Packages.
'Altitube' Air
Delivery Hose
Our exclusive "Altitube" air delivery hose.
Durable and crush-proof. Unlike other
corrugated tube, the Altitube is smooth
inside and ultra-quiet. Locate the
Mountain Air Generator almost anywhere
in your home, and deliver hypoxic air to
your exercise area, bed, or work area up
to 100 feet (30 meters) away. Each hose
section is 10 feet (3 m) in length. Inside
diameter 7/8 inch (22mm). Connectors
Note: order quantity can be
changed in the shopping cart.
per 10 foot
Extra Tubing Connectors
Package of two (2) additional  
connectors for Altitube. The Altitube
includes connectors, but if you need
more, order these.
Oxygen Analyzer
An oxygen analyzer is a "must have" for
altitude training, confirming the
concentration of oxygen you are
breathing.  The Expedition-X is easy to
calibrate and uses a long life, external
Teledyne sensor.  It comes in a
compact, water resistant case, and
includes a backlit screen for easy
reading in the dark.  The supplied
sampling tube fits in-line with the MAG's
air delivery hose for direct measurement.
Also can be used inside the Snowcap or
other altitude tent.  Includes carrying
case, oxygen sensor, cable, sampling
tube, and instruction manual.
Higher Peak Oxygen Analyzer
Replacement Oxygen
For Expedition-X Oxygen analyzer. Lasts
approximately three years.
Pulse Oximeter
Measure the amount of oxygen in your
blood with a small, clip-on fingertip
analyzer. Readout indicates pulse rate
(beats per minute) and oxygen
saturation (%). Use the pulse oximeter
with interval hypoxic training (IHT) to
keep the saturation in the 85-90% target
range. USB computer interface and
tracking software included.
Breathing Mask
The breathing mask assembly includes
a breathing mask (shown),
bacterial/viral  filter, breathing bag, and
connection tee. The breathing mask is
made of flexible vinyl material that gently
conforms to your face for a comfortable
fit. It can be used for exercising and
resting. Air delivery tubing sold

Note: Individual components (breathing
masks, filters, tees, and breathing bags
can also be purchased).
Higher Peak Breathing Mask for Exercise or Sleep
Replacement Breathing
Masks (2)
Replacement breathing masks for mask
(2 pack)
Higher Peak Breathing Mask for Exercise or Sleep Higher Peak Breathing Mask for Exercise or Sleep
Replacement Tee for
Mask Assembly
Used to connect the bacterial-viral filter
and breathing bag in the air delivery line
Replacement Breathing
Bags (2)
Replacement breathing bags for mask
assembly.  Non-conductive latex.  
Contains two breathing bags.
Bacterial- Viral
(2 Pack)
Replacement filters for the in-line air
delivery tube. Remove 99.99% of
airborne contaminants including dust,
bacteria, and viruses.  The air you breath
through this filter is cleaner than the air
in your home. Filters should be replaced
every 6 months or more frequently. Each
order include two filters.
Higher Peak Bacterial Viral Filter
Premium Workout
Breathing mask with comfortable face
cushion for workouts and IHT.  
Extra-large inhalation and exhalation
ports for easy breathing when
exercising. One-way valves on both
inhalation and exhalation ports prevents
breathing outside air. Includes secure
head strap.
In-Line Expansion/
Buffer Bag
The expansion/buffer bag is a strong,
airtight fabric bag with one inlet and one
outlet, placed in the air delivery line to
reduce noise transmitted from the
Mountain Air Generator through the tube.
It also smooths the air flow and provides
a breathing reservoir. All MAG-20
packages include this expansion bag,
but you'll want one if you are putting
together your own package, or if you
have an older MAG-10.
Mountain Air
Generator MAG-20
To buy the MAG-20 "a la carte" without
any accessories,
go here.

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